Get Ready For Spring With Teas


As the grass re-appears and the flowers begin to blossom, make room on your shelves for teas that are perfect for Spring. Our approach to Spring teas is easy. As a famous fictional editor once said: “Florals for Spring. Groundbreaking.” So, we’re drinking complex, light-bodied teas with grassy, citrusy, and yes, floral notes. 


We don’t know that we buy into the idea that green tea will magically make you lose weight, but we are fans of being healthy for Spring! Green teas  are packed with catechins and antioxidants, which help organs and systems all over the body. They’re also packed with flavor.

For the tea purist, try Fukamushi. This sencha is grown on the foothills of an active volcano and delivers grassy, pine, and umami flavors. We’re giving this tea bonus points for it’s ability to be re-steeped many times and how amazing it tastes as a cold brew. 

For Earl Grey drinkers who want to give green tea a chance, check out 9:00AM. This green tea is blended with Italian bergamot, delivering that same citrusy flavor Earl Grey drinkers know and love. 


White teas are awesome for Spring because they’re light and refreshing, even when served hot. The flavors are delicate, but still substantial enough for an amazing cup of tea. When it comes to white teas, Silver Needie is the highest quality available. Picked only by women (whose hands are gentle enough for this tea) as the tea buds, Silver Needle is named for the silvery-white down covering the bud, called “hao.”

Silver Needle tastes wonderful as is. It gives subtle, yet complex flavors of honeysuckle, sage, and artichoke. When blended with equally delicate botanicals, Silver Needle flourishes. Our Tuscany blend uses Silver Needle as a base and then mixes in rose and mint to create delightful floral and minty flavors. We suggest drinking this blend with an outdoor afternoon tea or after a long Spring day. 


From rain storms to sunny days, the Spring has no shortage of natural beauty. Match those whimsical elements with delicate tea flavors for your most cheerful Spring yet.