Pair Your Cookies With Tea

It’s Springtime, which means a certain type of cookie is now available. We can’t exactly call it by name, but you know what we’re talking about. Colorful boxes with delightful names and even more delightful flavors. Whether you favor caramel and coconut or refreshing mint chocolate, you can absolutely find a tea that complements your cookie! 


Chocolate and peppermint is a combination we love so much, we made two teas out of it. For tea drinkers okay with a kick of caffeine, pair your chocolate and mint cookies with Dark Chocolate Peppermint. This seasonal blend will disappear from our site March 1st, so, you’ll want to stock up on this blend like you stock up on your cookies. Chocolate itself has a tiny bit of caffeine, but ourVelvet tisane doesn’t contain Camellia sinensis, or tea. Because this tea isn’t getting the extra oomph of caffeine from the tea plant, it’s an awesome option for kids!


When enjoying a dense and rich cookie covered in chocolate, caramel, and coconut, go for a lighter tea. We think White Coconut Creme was made for coconut and caramel cookies. Not only is this tea light and refreshing, but it also features hints of sweet coconut flavor that pair wonderfully with the cookie. One of the things we love most about White Coconut Creme is its versatility. As amazing as this tea is hot, it’s even better iced. Bring out the complex and sweet flavors of this white tea blend by cold brewing it and serving it over ice! 


We’re not sure if a peanut butter tea would ever be a good idea, but there’s one thing we know for certain: Chocolate tea is always an excellent idea. The only thing that could make a chocolate tea an even better match for a peanut butter cookie? Bananas! Caffeine-free and utterly scrumptious,Chocolate Monkey is the perfect mate for chocolate peanut butter cookies. Bananas and peanut butter are a classic combination, as is chocolate and banana. These three flavors will blend beautifully, creating a decadent dessert experience. 

Cookies aren’t the only dessert that tea complements well. Cheesecakes, cakes, chocolates, and fruity desserts all have a corresponding tea, too! Or, if you’re skipping out on the cookies this year, you could always skip the cookies and opt for a dessert teas instead. We promise they’re almost as good as the real thing!