[Tea room space] a tea, a room, a Chinese.



                                      Tearoom,                      One can Static heart,Static tea The place.                                Plain teahouse space,                                Embodied is a simple,                          Is a kind of original tea flavor.





                                If the heart of chaos,                           Tea and then incense also not taste.                                    Empty down,                            Need their own self-cultivation                           Also need the environment dictates.                            Drink tea is not only a taste,                                More should be a mood.                       The dynamic integration of make tea making.







                 We should not stay in the tea and the small objects,               Should also focus on the coordination of the environment,                               That is, tea room space.                           Between heaven and earth radius,                            To find their own a quiet space,                          Nothing is more important than this.



















                               A corner of the quiet,                                  Put up、put down,                      All things After all To return to quiet,                                    quiet heart.                            Will know the face of calmly.

























               The downtown is always as trassient as a fleeting cloud,                      A cup of tea was originally incense again,                           Will be soaked to tasteless.                      Only to be quietly accepted, quietly spent.