Tea has 14 kinds of taste,Can you taste several?

Know how to drink tea,"Call out" sound, The tea is sucked into the mouth.Seemingly unsightly,But it is the most professional and most authentic tea method,Use the sucking method to drink tea,Just to make tea full contact with the mouth.Tasting the best taste of tea.So.You must be generous with your tea,If you sip one mouthful, you're too unprofessional.



                              14 common taste types of tea



Tasting tea is a learning process,If you want to learn to drink tea, there is no shortcut,mainly to drink more tea.Before you learn to taste tea, find out what kinds of tea flavor you have .These descriptions can be a bit abstract for beginners, It feels almost the same, but with the increase in tea, you can slowly tell the nuances of tea.



1、Strong type:Generally used to describe Green Tea taste, taste, have similar bitter feeling, later rich but not bitter, full convergence but not astringent, the aftertaste is long and refreshing and sweet feeling.



2、Dense strong type. Black tea often has this taste.The so-called "thick" shows that tea is rich in leaching.When the tea sucks into the mouth,Feeling thick sticky tongue,"Strong" refers to the irritation, tea at the beginning of a sticky feeling, followed by a strong irritation.



3、Concentrated alcohol type:The tea is mellow and refreshing,It has certain stimulation and astringency.3, is the taste of tea with high quality work black tea, Maojian, Mao Feng and some green tea.



4、Strong type:Tea at the entrance feel rich content,Has a certain consistency, and has strong stimulation and astringency, aftertaste sweet.This is the taste of tea with Shu green, shui green, stone Ting green, Lingyun white cents, Yunnan red, Wuyi rock tea.



5、Mellow type:Normal green tea, black tea, green tea have this flavor type.Such as fire green, Maojian, Lushan clouds, narcissus, oolong, including species, Tieguanyin, Sichuan red, Qi Hong and some Min red and so on.



6、Chen alcohol type:There is a process of making alcohol in the manufacture of water. Belong to this flavor type of six Fort tea, Pu'er tea and so on.



7, fresh alcohol: fresh leaves more tender, fresh, manufacturing timely, green tea, black tea or white tea system, taste fresh and alcohol, aftertaste fresh cool. This is the taste of tea is Taiping monkey Quebec, senior baking green, white tea, small white tea, senior Qi red, should be red and so on.



8、fresh dense type: fresh leaves tenderness high, thick leaves, bud Zhuang, fresh, water extract content is high, timely and reasonable manufacturing, delicious and concentrated, aftertaste refreshing. This is the taste of tea with Huangshan Mao Feng, Ming Mei and so on.9, fresh type: black tea or green tea system, processing timely and reasonable, clear and fresh taste. This is the taste of tea with Mongolian top nectar, Biluochun, Yuhua tea, Duyun Maojian, Bai Lin time and a variety of silver needle tea.



10, sweet alcohol type: taste sweet alcohol. This is the taste of tea with Anhua pine needles, Enshi Yulu, white tea and leaflets work time tea. Sweet, sweet, sweet and cool are all this flavor type.



11, fresh type: fresh leaves of polyphenols, catechins and water extracts are less content, slightly higher amino acid content, fresh and comfortable tea entrance, taste lighter. This is the taste of tea with Junshan silver needles, Mongolian top and so on.12, alcohol cool type: fresh tenderness is good, the taste is not concentrated not light, not bitter not astringent, aftertaste refreshing those who taste type. Such as yellow tea and yellow tea in the general middle school workers and other black tea.



13, alcohol and type: taste is not bitter and have a thick sense of rejuvenation and weaker. Such as black tea class Xiang Jian, six Fort tea and intermediate work tea and so on. 14, peace type: fresh leaves older, more than half of the entire bud has been aging, manufacturing normal. This is a lot of tea, black tea, green tea, green tea, yellow tea in the next file tea and black tea in the mid-range tea.